My favourite labels and links

PegasiaMusic - A Lincoln based net label run by Ben Steed and Rob Gilbank.  Specialises in Alternative, Electronic and Steampunk styles but encompasses music from many other genres.  My Kazan track has been released as part of their Pewter Gods release.

The Bohemian Club - Alistairr is one of the most prolific producers/mixers on the net and this is a good place to start to hear him as well as lots of other classic and contemporary electronic music.  He produces mixes under the Dreamscape name as well which is available on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.  I now also contribute to his blog.

Needle in the Groove - Lincoln based net label and home to Twin Lizard - one of the best Alternative Hip-hop acts around.

Ultimae Records - My favourite record label, specialising in Ambient, IDM, Chillout and home to Carbon Based Lifeforms, Cell, Solar Fields, Vibrasphere amongst loads of others.  Probably the only label that sends a joss stick and postcards with every order.

Acroplane Recordings - A net label packed full of quality music and a lot of it free to download.

Phlow magazine - A free Mp3 review magazine with the best free music reviewed and available.

VKRS Netlabel - An Ireland based radio station and net label - specialises in free electronic music

Other Jelly Llama links