All I Ever Wanted (Featuring Mona Mayer)


It's been a while since I've shared anything and this is partially due to moving house and dismantling the studio.  It is now back up and running so I thought I'd celebrate by writing something new.  The vocals from this come from a lovely monologue by Mona Mayer that I found on Youtube, the rest is just wibbly noises that I put together over several hours.


Ka Tja 

Something a little different although still quite chilled and repetative.  This one took about 30 hours to write and started off with the guitar riff based on a ACBA combination which is repeated throughout the track.  The sample is from Captain Kronos "Beauty fades eventually, but a kind soul remains forever".



Almost Alive 

Back to my favourite style of music, lots of arpeggios and chilled percussion.  Sample comes from 'Aliens', I think it's the first piece of dialogue in the film.  I looped the breath from this and played it all through the track.  The bass comes from a sample CD which is something I've not done before but I don't think I could have created it myself.  The artwork is from a photo I took a couple of months ago while exploring a deserted army barracks. 



Cardiac Arrest

A bit of an experiment in sampling and percussion layers to create something a bit higher tempo.   It could do with a bit more variation to be honest.  Samples come from Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin', Vanilla Sky "Part 2 - a living dream", Syl Johnson - Different Strokes and Maggotron - That's My Man Throwin Down. 



Surrogate Smile 

This track has gone through a few versions but I got a bit bored of it now.  The plan was to have so vocals over the top but I don't think it's good enough to seek out anyone to do this.  The speech comes from an early episode of The Invaders.



Yakuza Sunset 

A higher tempo track from me this time with more arpeggios and some Japanese speech taken from a documentary on the Yakuza.  I can't remember what the guy was actually saying but it was probably something cool about gangsters.  It's missing another melody so I will need to go back to this shortly.




Another arpeggios heavy track with some random samples.  The first sample 'It all starts here' is from The Goonies.  The 'Dreams feel real when we're in them right...' sample is from Inception.



Vika (Tower 49)

Written after watching Oblivion which I was quite taken with, the speech sample is also taken from this film.  I've started experimenting more with arpeggios which is quite evident in this track.  Another one for the new album once finished.



I Spit on Metaphysics, Sir

Still a work in progress that will appear on the new album later this year.  The main sample is from a Blade Runner deleted screen with Gaff speaking to the captain.


Afraid Of (Feat. David Downey Jr & Joe Jackson) 

Based on Tomorrow Is Alright, this features Woke WIth A Plan's David Downey Jr,  and Joe Jackson.  It was never finished hence the rough quality and overlapping samples.  I recently found it on my hard drive so thought I should share it.


Cindel Towani

Written for the PegasiaMusic : Faint Young Sun ambient compilation album.  Very proud that Ben and Rob found it worthy enough to include alongside some really excellent tracks.  The album can be downloaded for free or streamed from here :-

PegasiaMusic 014 : Faint Young Sun

Interestingly for this track I decided to stay away from using any vocal samples.  It did originally have a couple from Battle for Endor (the second Ewok film) but I decided that they didn't really add that much, I did keep the Ewok inspired title though.  The ambient background sample used at the start, end and breakdown is actually a stock sample of some children playing round a swimming pool.  I really must start using my Zoom mic a bit more and come up with something a bit more original.  I'm really grateful for PegasiaMusic for holding the competition for the album as you can see from the release dates that I had not publicly shared anything new for about 11 months.

Release : 16th June 2012  


Every Person on this Planet is Broken

This was composed and sequenced in about 6 hours.  I just started off with layering a load of percussion and got a bit carried away.  The bassline reminds me of Bomb the Bass and the synth loops have a sort of 80s feel to them.  There's no real structure to the track it's just a bit of an experiment.

Samples are taken from The Quiet Earth 'Where are you', Labyrinth 'You have no power over me', 1984 'Over a hundred years old', Donnie Darko 'God is absurd', Lifeforce 'Vampires' and Wargames 'What's so great about that'.  A song licensing nightmare :)

Release : 17th July 2011   


The Great Blinding


I've had the speech samples for a while and have been wanting to include them in a track.  The probably don't fit too well so I may remove them in the future if I come back to this track at a later date.  I have been experimenting with the mixing on this track to try and get more space in the mix.  I am reasonably happy with the result but I will have to see if I still feel the same after a week or so.

Samples are taken from The Day of the Triffids - 1981 BBC adaptation.

Release : 25th June 2011   

Reveries of Orange

This one is subconsciously inspired by 'Love on a Real Train' by Tangerine Dream I think.  Anyway, it's based around a simple synth loop and a few train sounding samples/sounds.

Samples are taken from The Titfield Thunderbolt and Oh! Mr Porter, two classic films involving trains.

Release : 10th April 2011   


Bad Relations

Something a bit funkier this time.  I originally started this out as quite an upbeat track and then gradually dropped the tempo down to 90bpm to get that unhurried flow to it.  It definitely needs a bit of mastering to get the mid range up a bit but I am quite pleased with the layers of synths and the gradual movement in there.

Speech samples are from V : The Series (original 80s version) when Mike Donovan meets Ham Tyler.  I am a big fan of this series and liked this piece of dialogue as it has a sort of rhythm to it.

Release : 21st February 2011   

Tomorrow is Alright

A new year, a new track;  I hope you like this one.  This track revolves around several piano loops that I recorded on my new Axiom Pro keyboard (much better than my old Evolution midi one).  It is much simpler than some of my older tracks but has taken a while to get to this stage.

Speech samples ('Wonderful Personality' is from the Roddy Piper film 'Hell comes to Frogtown', the 'red dress' speech is from Ellen Burstyn in 'Requiem for a Dream' and the other samples are from the Ealing comedy 'The Man in the White Suit' (the last two are a couple of my favourite films).

Release : 16th January 2011   

No Win No Fee 

Another long gap between this and the last.  Anyway, this track is based around two simple loops that I created and sort of work well together Not sure that its all there yet but it's good to get the track to this stage.

Speech sample ('McCready' -  near the end) is from 'Britannia Hospital'.

Release : 11th April 2010 

Kazan Makes it Through (full version / short edit)

Although really quite minimal this track took me a while to put together.  I have been meaning to try and do something more simplistic for a few weeks and I am quite pleased with the results.  There is a short edit as well as I thought people may prefer to get a flavour of it, the long version has some subtle changes and the introduction of a new sound.

Speech sample is from 'The Cube', one of my favourite films.  Kazan is one of the characters in the film and his back story is explained in the equally good 'Cube Zero' prequel.

Release : 26th September 2009

The Last Man in Europe (Corrupt to the Core)

This track is inspired by the film '1984' starring John Hurt and Suzanna Hamilton (who was also in Swallows and Amazons).  The book is one of my favourite but I'd only recently got hold of the 80's version of the film on DVD.  I think the pianos need a bit more work on this but I've put it on the back burner for a while.

Release : 29th August 2009

Captain Flint and Peter Duck

Inspired by the books by Arthur Ransome and the subsequent 70's film adaptation that was recently repeated on TV.  I was a big fan of the series of books, especially 'Swallowdale' and 'Pigeon Post'.  'Peter Duck' is the third book of the series and 'Captain Flint' is the antagonist in Swallows and Amazons (who turns out to be friendly) so I thought it gave the track and interesting name.  The speech comes from the 70's film where Roger asks permission to go with the other children and gets a cryptic answer via telegram.

I really enjoyed playing around with the piano on this one, it took me a while to record it in the way I wanted it to sound then I spent a while manipulating it to get the timing right.  I also like the idea of playing around with atmosphere sounds and this seemed like a good chance to try out synchronising in some rain and thunder.

Release : 9th August 2009

Chin Up Harvey Lime

This track is my first real attempt at doing some more complex drum programming.  I wanted to try and make it a bit more wild and freeform and I am quite pleased with the results.  I also tried to get a bit of movement into the synths though I think I may have been too subtle, maybe something to revisit at a later date.

The speech on this track comes from Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil', my all time favourite film.  It can be a depressing film in places and one character that always stood out for me was 'Harvey Lime', Lowry's desk-sharing work colleague.  He always seemed to get a raw deal so I thought this song title would be appropriate.

Release : 1th August 2009

Son of Quaoar

Well here's my first track after a long time away from producing any music.  It marks a new direction for me by being something I've really wanted to put my time into finishing.  All together I think it's taken a month or two to get it to this stage and I am pleased how it's turned out - I even put a video together (see the video page).

Quaoar is a large dwarf planet beyond Pluto and Weywot is a small moon orbiting it (aka the son of Quaoar). No real reason for this title but I thought it sounded nice.

Release : 19th July 2009