I have been pretty quiet lately; pressures from work, a CIWEM course on Water Supply and Distribution, a holiday to Sri Lanka, buying a new car and general de-cluttering and tidying up have really eaten into my spare time.  I am now approaching the end of it and have two exciting anouncements :-

I am almost finished on a new collaboration between myself and David Leahy.  We've been swapping sounds for a few months so its nice to have this at the mixing and mastering stage.  It's great it's got to this point, now we are just waiting for me to get my finger out :)

Secondly, I am now contributing to Alistairr's blog - The New Bohemian Club.  This blog is a perfect way to get exposed to new and old electronic music of a multitude of different genres.  Highly recommended and I also get to indulge in sharing some of my favourite artists.