It's been a busy week, what with creating the website, completing the 'Kazan' track and going back to work after 3 weeks holiday.  Good news though, I have been contacted not once, but twice by quality artists who would like to remix my tracks, and one other possible.

Eu4ric, a trance producer from Gotham, Ireland is going to see what he can do with 'Son of Quaoar'.  It sounds like this could end up being more of a collaboration as well as I may have to also get involved in the mastering.  If you would like to hear some of his own stuff, it can be found here :-  Eu4ric

Below Bangkok, a dub electronica producer from Opatija, Croatia is going to turn 'The Last Man in Europe' into something far more dubby.  Check out his stuff here :-  Below Bangkok

Another artist who has mentioned he would like to tackle 'The Last Man in Europe' is Nisei23.  Nisei is based in Thailand and produces very organic sounding ambient music, check it out here : - Nisei23

So hopefully there are two remixes to look forward to (and possibly a third), it's always exciting to hear that such talented musicians want to do something with your tracks.  I'll update once I hear anything more.